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Varka Kozlovič

Varka Kozlovič lives and works between Butari (SI), Trieste (IT), and Copenhagen (DK), where she currently resides.

​Through her studies at the University of Trieste (I) and University of Sussex (UK), extensive travel in Asia, and working professionally in international development – her interest in the layers and textures of different cultures and peoples, ideas of travel and permanence, love of traditional handicrafts, natural colors embody her art. Translated into abstract drawings with embroidery; using canvas, ink, natural colors, fabric, paper, string and strands of wool, linen and silk.


Varka explores iteration in drawing. Her current work originates from images of repetitive patterns she finds in nature and in urban settings, both when looking closely at things, as well as from a distance, with abstraction. She reproduces details that are randomly and naturally ordered in what surrounds her, and seeks to capture this order and perfection on one side, and the effects of time on it, which adds on or brings along harmonious imperfections and decay.

Varka is a member of KKS - Danish Women Artists Association







photo © Christopher Papan

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